Take The Precautions

Solar panels are an amazing invention. Although it may cost you a bit while you are buying them to install enough for your house that you entire house system runs on it, once it is installed you are free of paying electricity bills on monthly bases. This doesn’t mean that you don’t even remember you have installed solar panels. If there is a farm of solar panels then there are hundreds of worker maintaining them, keeping them clean and taking all the required precautions to reduce chances of unwanted birds.

Check regularly:

Checking your rooftop with panels on a regular base is something you should never forget about. It should be taken care that no birds are trying to settle under your panels. As the panels are warm birds will try to utilize the space under it in cold weather.

You may also find bird droppings on the panels. Check and clean daily. The reason is bird droppings can cover the entire panel and cause the reduction in absorbing energy from the sun, hence, less energy. So, it is important that these are checked timely and cleaned timely as well. If they are cleaned regularly and properly there should be no issue to worry about.

Settlement prevention:

Prevent bird from settling under the panels. Their settlement will cause numerous contrasting problems for you. Often people complain about noise pigeon’s cause in the earliest time of the morning disturbing their sleep. Birds, when they land in a place, don’t ever think that they will not produce waste products. Birds need to stay as light as possible so that they can fly easily for which they keep their tummies empty. They will mess with wiring to build their nest. To overcome all these issue bird mitigation devices are installed to keep them away.

Often birds have mites in their bodies, hidden in feathers. These mites will cause trouble for you. They are not to have them in your house. Once they land on your roof with birds and they settle. They will enter your house with ease and may get into your food and your other pets if you have any. Bird mite removal is not something you could do yourself. You will need to have an expert to do the job. This is something that is needed to be taken seriously as it can affect the health of your family.

Clean and maintain:

Cleaning solar panels is necessary. If you are unable to do so, call the experts who can keep the roof clean for your panels. They will provide the essential to prevent further damage, like solar panel mesh. It will prevent birds from landing on your roof and will let the panels absorb maximum energy from the sun.