Porcelain Tiles Vs. Ceramic Tiles

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When it comes to the selection of tiles, there are always many options but all these options come with certain advantages or disadvantages. But whenever the tiles come to your mind, the most popular types of tiles that come to your mind will be porcelain or ceramic tiles. Undoubtedly, porcelain tiles in melbourne and ceramic tiles are the most popular choice due to their unique properties and aesthetics. If we study in detail, we will understand that the majority portion of the tiles that are in use, will be primarily porcelain or ceramic tiles.


Both these tiles offer versatility, durability and variety that makes them a top choice while making the flooring decision. The porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles, both come with their pros and cons but in comparison to all the other tiles, these two types of tiles have better properties. Here we will be listing the pros and cons of these two types of tiles.


Porcelain tiles


Long life: Whenever anyone will be selecting tiles, the first parameter on their mind will be the life of the tile. As the tiling is expensive, not only in terms of tiles cost but also in labour cost. Nobody wants that their tiles to get worn off after a year or two. The porcelain tiles are worn resistive and provide long term durability.


Water resistance: The porcelain tiles are also perfect for bathrooms because they have high water resistance. This will extend the life of the tiles.


Low Maintenance: Once the porcelain tiles are laid, then you don’t have to spend further money on them. They are easy to clean as compared to other tiles options and due to high durability, there will be less wear & tear.




Cost: The porcelain tiles come with all the good properties, but they are more costly than other types of tiles. Not only the cost of material is high, but the cost of installation is also high.


Slow installation: The porcelain tiles are heavier, so they are difficult to install. The time of installation in terms of porcelain tiles is longer.


Ceramic tiles


Cost: In the comparison of porcelain tiles, the ceramic tiles are cheaper. This is the reason, that due to budget, people can’t afford porcelain tiles. The second-best option will be ceramic tiles.

Designs: The ceramic tiles offer a wide variety of designs. There can be a virtually limitless option when it comes to ceramic tiles.

Flexibility: The ceramic tiles are not only for the floor but are widely used for walls. They are also water-resistive which makes them the ideal choice for the bathroom walls.



Inferior Finish: Compared to porcelain tiles, the finishing of the ceramic tiles is not finer. Both tiles are generally made from the same type of materials but porcelain tiles have better finishing.

Look: As compared to porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles doesn’t offer the same level of aesthetics. There is a visible difference between the surface finish of porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.