Making Some Extra Money From Scraping An Old Car

Recent times have been tough especially since COVID-19. People are living from hand to mouth and both ends barely meet. If you are in the same situation thinking to get a loan then you might want to rethink your decision.  Why burden yourself with debt when you can earn a handsome amount from the scrap yard in perth.

Scrapping metals

The industry of metal scrapping is huge. Many people think that recycling scrap metal is for commercial entities only. But being a homeowner you can do it too. You must be wondering where will you find scrap metal in your home. There are plenty of places you can look at. The best place would be either your garage or your storeroom.

  • Other than that scrap is also present in the kitchen for example pans, old pots, unused cutlery, and things like that.
  • Broken lamps, old televisions, and air conditioners in your bedroom or living room can also be scrapped.
  • Check old electronics, their copper wires or small metal pieces are also scrap.

Scrapping an old car

Let’s suppose you are lucky enough to have an old car (probably your father’s) lying around in the garage. That car will be the best thing you could scrap. Did you know that cars are among those items which are scraped on a large scale? So you will get good money out of it but if you wish to get maximum money from that old car then follow these steps to assist you.

(1) Fluid removal remember you can’t just take your car to the junk yard as it is. There are certain laws you need to follow. One of those laws is the removal of fluids. Remove oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid, and radiator fluid.

(2) Battery removal the radiator and battery have to be removed separately.

(3) Copper wires are time-consuming yet worth it process.It is the removal of copper wires from lights and the dashboard. These wires can be separately sold to the scrap yard.

(4) Remove parts breaking down your car to its base components will get you the most money. Base components can be sold separately at the junk yard and pay-off way better as compared to the whole unit. But before you invest your time in breaking down the car be sure to know whether the scrap yard will buy those parts or not. As some yards don’t deal in parts they are interested in buying the whole car in one piece.Scraping does not only pay you well but it is a recycling process. When you scrap old unwanted items that you don’t use you contribute to a better environment.