Types Of Pet Insurance Policy

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Pets are very dear to us, they are one of those parts of our lives that we cannot live without, when we go and buy a pet we do not get much attached to them, we get excited as we get a new friend but eventually we start getting attached to them which makes us love them even more, we try to stay with them as much as possible and they finally become a part of our family that we always consider in everything. But the issue is that just like a human being a pet can also get sick which is the worst nightmare for any owner of the pet because every pet is dear to us. In this case, you must buy the best pet insurance or if you have a dog then you can buy the best dog insurance so that you do not have to worry about the medical conditions of your pet as the insurance has got your back in these terms. Moreover, insurance policies are of different kinds, therefore you should get to know about all the types of pet insurance policies so that you do not get confused when selecting your plan. Here are the types of pet insurance policies:

Limited Time:

There are different kinds of pet insurance policies, and limited time is one of those. Limited time insurance policy offers coverage of any medical condition which lasts up to 12 months of the medical condition and that too under the specified amount and if the financial limit ends, the insurance will no longer cover the financial costs and after that, till the end of 12 months period, you will have to pay for the cost.

Premium lifetime:

Premium lifetime is the best pet insurance for your dog, if you have got a dog then it is the best dog insurance because, in a premium lifetime, your insurance will get renewed every year till the lifetime of your pet. There is a financial limit in each medical condition, if the medical condition exceeds the financial limit then you will have to wait till the coverage gets renewed and your limit will get the same.

Accidental cases only:

In this insurance, the insurance covers the injuries that are caused by an accident, it covers sudden injuries too. This insurance is under 12 month’s period. 

Maximum Benefit policy:

This policy covers the medical condition under a particular financial limit and there is no time for that.

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